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Short Term Funding

TREASURY - Short Term Funding

The Short Term Funding division serves its banking and institutional investor relationships, offering the whole range of Money Market and Foreign Exchange products with the main focus on the EMU membership countries, on the OECD area and on selected countries in Eastern Europe.

Via these centres, our Group has a worldwide presence in the financial markets, providing products in Euros and other tradable currencies ranging from call money and term deposits to interest-rate hedging products (Interest-rate-swaps, EONIAs, FRAs and interest rate futures) and including repurchase agreements (Repos) and securities lending. Our Group is thus ideally positioned to assist our domestic and international customers with the management of their liquidity and interest-rate risk covering maturites from overnight until two years.

The Short Term Funding Division acts also as service tool to other divisions and group entities. Additionally the Short Term Funding Division is responsible for managing the ECB Minimum Reserve Requirements and Central Bank Accounts and assures within its short term liquidity management the payment ability of Landesbank Berlin Group at any time.

Head of Treasury:                           Christian Pache

Tel.: +49 30 245-61077

E-mail: christian.pache@lbb.de

Head of Short Term Funding:       Thorsten Dettmann

Tel.: +49 30 245-61702

E-mail: thorsten.dettmann@lbb.de